Play Safe
Safeguarding and child protection at City Football Schools
Everyone has a responsibility to help provide a safe and positive environment and to keep children and other vulnerable people safe from harm or abuse. This principle applies to our staff, helpers, parents, facility staff and anyone else involved in our City Football Schools, and they must know and play their part in this.
The City Football Group takes its 'safeguarding' responsibilities (also known as child protection) very seriously in this area wherever they are in the world and this means we are wholly committed to:
  • listening to children and parents and promoting their right to be and feel safe;
  • putting children, their needs and their safety and welfare first;
  • getting the right people involved through safe recruitment and training;
  • creating a safe environment for all participants, visitors and staff; and,
  • having and promoting clear systems to deal with any issues or concerns.
As such, our City Football Schools apply all the requirements of the City Football Group Safeguarding Policy. We also ensure that we meet all relevant laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates and any country that we visit as part of the programme.
If you have a concern about the welfare of a child or the behaviour of a member of City Football staff or any other adult towards a child then please contact the designated Safeguarding Officer (Simon Hewitt) and we will take your concerns very seriously. You can also email us at
City Football is also committed to helping keep children safe when using the internet. Please visit the pages of the Emirates Internet Safety Society for advice and guidance for both children and parents.
If you believe that a child has come to significant harm or abuse or is at immediate risk of harm, please call the local police immediately.